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I have to thank my parents. About 23 years ago they started me on a trip that would show me things that only the lucky ever get to see. I’m sure if you asked them they would confess that they didn’t have all the answers to child rearing 101. But I’ll be damned if they didn’t master it along the way. This site is in many ways dedicated to them, but more specifically it’s dedicated to the soundtrack they put to my life. It started when I was just a baby in our old Elsmere home. By the time I was a teenager I danced to it in front of the speakers. And now at age 23, far from home, I shuffle through it on my iPod as I take the train to work.

The Grateful Dead have been with me since I can remember. Whether they knew it or not, my parents were giving me a gift that would feed my soul for a lifetime. And yet, I know so little about the very thing I owe so much to. So now I begin my own trip. As I rediscover the Grateful Dead, I want you to come along with me. I want this to be a place where we can share our Dead experiences, our stories and memories, and our common bond. If there’s one thing I’ve learned already, Dead fans are a one-of-a-kind community with much to say.

So, join me on my trip to The Grateful Dead. It’s guaranteed to be long and strange.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    03/24/2010 1:29 pm

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  2. Anonymous permalink
    04/01/2010 4:09 am

    Cool thing your kicking up! From a fellow writer & dead head! Jerry is dead, not the boys & not the community! I get a past tense feel from all your blogs.Jerry lives today, in Furthur & other bands! Most important in our hearts! Good Luck! I will check in on u from time to time! So keep the vibe ALIVE!!

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