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Event: Rare Footage for the Common Deadhead


Hello friends,

Thank you to those who sent a kind note and wished me luck on my battle with strep. One week later and I’m feeling much better and looking forward to a normal night’s rest and a cough-free afternoon. Until then, there’s this to get excited about…

On Thursday, June 17 the Avon Theatre Film Center in Stamford, CT will be hosting a special screening of the Grateful Dead’s “finest and rarest performances, promotional films, rehearsal footage, and concerts made all around the world.” The collection is from Bill Shelley’s Shelley Archives which boasts more than 10,000 hours of rare footage spanning a variety of musicians and subjects. To read more about the event and Shelley Archives, click here.

When the NYHS hosted not one, but two Grateful Dead events in the span of a few months, I thought it was a spectacular fluke just in time for my journey to rediscovering the Dead. I’m happy to see this fluke become a trend. It’s just further proof that the Grateful Dead exists everywhere – not just in old, dusty basements next to the abandoned tape collection. And if your days of yore are indeed buried deep in the basement, time to start digging up the Dead. Because here’s the thing; I need you to.

Yet again, it’s very likely that I will have to miss the Avon event due to, sigh… work. But that’s okay. Because I have readers and fellow Deadheads on my side (that’s you). What I need is for someone, or multiple someones, to be my eyes, ears, and heart so that Becoming Dead (that’s you and me) can get a first hand account of the Avon Theatre Film Center’s very special, one night only screening. Use this as an excuse to indulge your nostalgic cravings or as an opportunity to discover something new. Then, send me an email at recounting every splendid detail. With your permission, I’ll share it here. If you don’t want your words permanently planted on the interwebs, that’s cool too, you can still email me.

Speaking of NYHS…

Looks like the Grateful Dead exhibit dates were extended until July 4th. I may be wrong, this may not be an extension. But in any case, it’s up and running and you should be there. Click here for more info.

Hope to hear from you soon :)

“There’s mosquitoes on the river
Fish are rising up like birds
It’s been hot for seven weeks now
Too hot to even speak now
Did you hear what I just heard?

Say, it might have been a fiddle
Or it could have been the wind
But there seems to be a beat now
I can feel it in my feet now
Listen here it comes again”

The Music Never Stopped

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