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Dearest Deadheads,


If you have yet to notice, I’ve decided to move Becoming Dead over to I started Move Me Brightly (MMB) last summer to share all my other stories and inspirations and since then it has come to feel like my little nook in the world. When I found myself in Europe blogging on MMB about my new journey through the words of Ripple, I knew that I wanted to join these two worlds into one blog. Because while for some people the Grateful Dead is a separate compartment of their life, it is intertwined in mine. So, it only seems natural that the blogs come together.

Of course, I want to know what you think, too. I realize some of you could care less about my life and work and only wish to tune into the Grateful Dead portion of my brain. If that’s the case, I encourage you to share your opinions with me. Before you do, please check out the new site and see what it’s all about. You can find all the latest Grateful Dead posts under the Becoming Dead menu tab. Over the next couple weeks I will be tweaking and polishing to make the site most user-friendly.

If you do like what you read on MMB, please subscribe and start following @movemebright for the latest posts, updates, and never ending stream of consciousness. I promise the trip will still be long and strange and even more abundant.

Thank you all for your support and love. You certainly do move me.


“So many roads I tell you
New York to San Francisco
So many roads I know
All I want is one to take me home
From the high road to the low
So many roads I know
So many roads so many roads”

So Many Roads

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